Schumann Cavity Radar

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 1  Examples of what this site is all about. Capturing the lowest frequencies on Earth. (0-10 Hz) 

 2 Plotting Q burst Lightning around the world.  (Above capture plot)

 3 Earthquake research on 100 uHz  See here 



The sun and moon gravity pulls the earths oceans and land mass to create these rock crush signals (0.00001 to 0.0001 Hz.).

Moon's position when the signal capture below was made.

For Real Time Plot



The plot below is showing the change in signals as the sun makes its morning gravity pull on earth along with the moon.  This is instep with the total background signal seen on the above signal plot.

The following two signal captures show what is going on out in the Pacific ocean as earthquakes set the ocean in motion with very long wave length waves.

These waves are almost three hours for one cycle of the wave.  They can travel around the world if strong enough.  The normal Earth Tide /sun/moon induced

signal background seems to be over come by the swarm of large earthquakes of late. A flat like response of mostly the EFO signals is the result.  Some what like throwing a hand full of rocks in a pond.

The Schumann Lightning Plotting  / Real time (10 min) updates when active.

About Schumann Lightning

   This is  lightning Plotting from out of the Schumann Cavity around Earth on 7.8 Hz. This is NOT normal lightning.  It is not seen very well by normal TOA lightning systems.
   It follows coast lines a lot! Terrains like rivers and mountains it follows with many strikes.  Map lines usually have some terrain thing going on.  Many map lines will have direct hits from these powerful strikes.  Many map lines are natural terrain barriers that became country borders, that attract lightning. 

  It takes two computers to triangulate a strike.

This is one of three projects below 10 Hz. as time and equipment allow.

Gerry Gore, Wb5txa

San Antonio Texas

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   This is lake Maracaibo the most lightning struck place on earth..

But you want see many Schumann cavity strikes here.  They avoid congested lightning areas.  Most of this lightning ends up in the lower background noise of the Schumann Cavity signals.  Thus they can not be separated from all the noise to be plotted like the Q burst and near Q burst levels of lightning

There are more than 1.2 million lightning strikes per year! The worlds largest generator of ozone.



  Earthquakes on the tide signals is an off shoot of the original Earth Tide reception.  More to come on this!

Earthquakes generate low frequency signals that can be detected in real time as they happen.  The Earth and moon do the same as they move the oceans around.

Earthquake signals modulate the normal ocean tide signals on 100  uHz.  These can be plotted as you will see on the examples.

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